Estonia to extradite $21.5M hacker to U.S.

The Estonian government in press release announced to extradite Vladimir Chashchin charged with international cybercrimes to United RAPSI

In November 2011 Estonian police arrested Estonian citizens (six men and one woman) on suspicion of large-scale cyber fraud and money laundering.

According Estonian police hackers group have been infected computers with connection to iTunes, Netfix and a number of government agencies, including NASA and the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS)with malicious software.

Since 2007 hacker group have stolent $21.5 million and 560,000 euros with cyber fraud.The US Department of Justice in 2011 request for the extradition of Chashchin and five other Estonian citizens charged with cybercrimes.Vladimir Chashchin charged with 27 counts, including cyber fraud, money laundering and illegal property related transactions.

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