[Essential Tutorial] Virtual Machines on a Linux Operating System

Welcome, in this tutorial you will learn how to create a virtual machine on a Linux Operating System. The Virtual Machine will allow you to run multiple operating systems on your Linux environment.

This is very usefull if you want to test various operating systems and applications.

You will not need to re-install your computer.

So lets take a look at the steps that you will have to take.

  1. You need to download VirtualBox package here for 32-bit system and here for 64-bit system.

Now you will have to activate the file. Double-click on the file which you have downloaded.

Virtual Machine Linux
If you’ve downloaded the package, simply double-click the package file.
If a warning appears like the picture above, click "Continue Anyway" button.
If a warning appears like the picture above, click “Continue Anyway” button.
Open Oracle VM VirtualBox software.

Click “New” button.
Name your virtual machine and choose OS you want to install. Then click “Next” button.
Specify the amount of RAM you need. Then click “Next” button.
Choose “Create a virtual hard drive now” option. Then click “Create” button.
Specify the amount of storage you need. Then click “Create” button.
Choose “VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image)” option. Then click “Next” button.


The picture above indicates that you have successfully built a virtual machine. But, it is still with blank OS.
If you want to install an OS, simply click “Settings” button and follow the picture below. Choose an OS image file (usually it is .iso formatted). Then click “OK” button. Just click “Start” button to turn on the virtual machine and it will boot your OS image file.

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