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Espionage via Skype: Pro-Assad hackers techniques

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A group of hackers that support Assad have been using social engineering techniques to gain access to classified information from Syrian Rebels. The Syrian rebels have been social engineered by Pro-Assad hackers that had hidden themselves behind fake female Skype accounts. The Pro-Assad hackers would have used pictures to install remote access trojans on the Syrian rebels devices.

The PRO-Assad hackers allegedly got access to 7.7 GB of data which held 31,107 skype conversations, 12,356 Skype contacts and at least 250000 messages.

Last year the official Skype blog page had been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army. The defaced site claimed that Microsoft was spying on the Skype users and that Microsoft was selling the data towards governments that wish to pay for it.

Share this with people that should know this: