The end of Facebook hoaxes [?!]

Facebook has reported that they are done with satire and hoax stories which are being shared by unaware users. The social media giant has decided that it will publish an option which allows people to report Satire and false information which is being shared on Facebook. This option will allow Facebook to monitor and filter false information from the social media network. Facebook hoaxes and satire articles are most of the times harmless, but when it comes to Facebook scams, the results might be devastating . In the last year we have been reporting on Facebook scams that have been hitting unaware users and during our research we noticed that the Facebook scammers are using revenue generating techniques to earn money with their scams.

scam snake

The scams are developed in such a way that the victim is often forced to unwanted actions. The most common action is the share this page to watch the video method which allows the scam to go viral within a couple of days. The scammers are aware of the fact that a lot of people are unaware of the dangers on the internet and the scammers will exploit the unaware users because it will generate the scammers an online revenue which could hit thousands of dollars each day.

The most famous scams are the celebrity death, you will never and watch this shocking video scams which are capable of infecting thousands of users within a couple of hours.

report facebook

The new Facebook option will allow each user in the social media network to report a ‘share’ or post as Satire or False information. You can not believe how happy i currently am. I can finally start reporting those stupid beforeitsnews posts on Facebook.

Are you going to use this option?

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