Eminem Shocking video on Facebook

On Facebook you will be able to find various shocking videos which include the rapper Eminem. Hackers are using the well known rapper to spread malicious content to unaware users. The shocking video’s on Facebook are often uploaded by cybercriminals that want to lure unaware users to a malicious website.

The hackers have used the rapper LIL Wayne to spread a malicious video which would show how LIL Wayne has gay feelings for another rapper. This is not the only example, Miley Cyrus has been used by the cybercriminals to spread a shocking video of Miley.

Shocking video of Eminem

The schemes allow the hackers to spread their malicious websites in a very high rate, as they demand the victims to share the video first before they can play it. Once the unaware user has shared the shocking Eminem video, they will be redirected to another malicious website which will serve them a malicious application.

eminem facebook video shocking
eminem facebook video shocking

If the victim installs the malicious application, the hacker will gain full access to the computer. This will allow the cybercriminal to start the webcam from a remote distance. This happened to the Miss Teen USA candidate.

Please be aware of the ‘Eminem Shocking video on Facebook‘ schemes as they will only serve you malware.

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