Embalmer Doing Something on Girls Dead body caught on CCTV! Facebook scam

Beware of the “Embalmer doing something” Facebook scam which is currently being shared. This Facebook scam is trying to lure unaware internet users to a malicious website which is used by cybercriminals and scammers to infect unaware users.

Embalmer Doing Something on Girls Dead body Facebook Scam

The Facebook scam “Embalmer doing something on girls dead body” is luring unaware Facebook users to the malicious shockingleaks.com domain. Once the user lands on the shockingleaks.com domain, the victim will be forced to perform unwanted actions on the website.

These unwanted actions could be, but are not limited to:

  • Clicking on links
  • Downloading and installing software
  • Sharing and liking the page before content can be watched or viewed
  • Participate in a survey to proof that you are human or at a certain age

Please be aware and stay away from these malicious click farming pages.

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