[Breaking] Edward Snowden provides exclusive interview to Brazilian reporter Sonia Bridi

The hacker and spy Edward Snowden has provided a exclusive interview to the Brazilian news reporter Sonia Bridi.

The interview was aired on Sunday. Sonia Bridi interviewed Edward Snowden in Russia.

Former coach of the National Security Agency of the USA is known worldwide for having divulged the secrets of American espionage.

Edward Snowden Brazil

Edward Joseph “Ed” Snowden (born June 21, 1983) is an American computer professional. A former systems administrator for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and a counterintelligence trainer at the Defense Intelligence Agency(DIA), he later went to work for the private intelligence contractor Dell, inside a National Security Agency (NSA) outpost in Japan. In early 2013, he joined the consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton inside the NSA center in Hawaii. In June 2013, he came to international attention after disclosing to several media outlets thousands of classified documents that he acquired while working as an NSA contractor for Dell and Booz Allen Hamilton.  Snowden’s release of classified material has been described as the most significant leak in U.S. history since the release of the Pentagon Papers by Daniel Ellsberg.


Sonia Bridi

Sonia Matilde Bridi (Hunter, November 13, 1963) is a Brazilian journalist and television reporter graduated from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC)


Interview live stream

We have received a link from a anonymous member. The links provides a ‘live’ stream of the Edward Snowden interview in Brazil.

Screenshots of the Brazilian Edward Snowden Interview

Live Brazilian debate on Edward Snowden


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