Ecuador Government Hacked after Anonymous Threat

The Hackers Group Anonymous published a video in which they warned to all those who were participants in the capture of the founder of Wikileaks”: “Free Julian Assange or he will be paid”. The Ecuadorian Minister announced this Saturday that country’s institutional email and a Municipality website was hacked.

“Free Julian Assange or he will get paid.” So the group Anonymous Hacker gave a message, in a video sent to the UK, to the United States and to all those involved in capturing the founder of WikiLeaks.

Among the warnings issued by a person, who already wears a mask associated with the collective, revealed that “any powerful person who signs this command must shake because the power of the Internet will explode.”

Group also announced that they are “looting the Ecuadorian government several activists from around the world” and that it plans to hack “the systems of the Lenin Moreno Government”.

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