Ebola and how they are fighting the virus

There is no vaccine or medicine against Ebola. So what are the doctors and researchers doing to the infected people? In the graphic below you will see how the Artsen zonder Grenzen (Doctors with no borders) have setup a camp to hold the infected people.

The special treatment camp has been setup in such a way to fight the Ebola virus to spread further.


The Ebola virus was first found in 1976, since then over 1800 people got infected with Ebola. From that 1800 people, 1300 people have passed away because of the virus. The virus lives probably in bats, which can infect other animals and eventually humans. The Ebola virus consists of five variants, named after the place of origin: Bundibugyo, Côte d’Ivoire, Sudan and Zaire; This can cause illness and death in humans.

Ebola camp

Transmission between humans happens when you come into contact with body fluids (such as blood or secretions as fallow or faeces), this usually happends during the care of the sick.

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