Dzmitry Naskavets gives interview on how he entered cybercrime

Dzmitry Naskavets got into cybercrime when he was young, because of his English skills, he was put on some projects, to perform cybercrime activities. This lasted 3 years, it was only after those years that he was arrested by the FBI. In those criminal projects, he was responsible for performing phone calls, emails and all other types of communication.

One of the tasks he also performed, was the task of calling banks, to get information about the funds within specific accounts. He was actively performing social engineering attacks for his “projects”.

At one point Dzmitry Naskavets started a website to manage all of the request he and his partner would get. This website was called ‘’. On this website, anyone could leave a request for a phone call to any business. This allowed him and his partner to streamline the requests. This allowed him to move the direct requests towards the website. Allowing him and his partner to focus on other points of attention.

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