Dutch Teenager from Amsterdam Arrested for Alleged Bank Helpdesk Fraud Involving Over €130,000

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In a recent development from the Netherlands, a 19-year-old man from Amsterdam was arrested on Monday, July 31, under suspicion of executing a bank helpdesk scam that defrauded at least thirty victims. The total damage from the scam is estimated to exceed €130,000, according to the official Dutch police website.

The Scam Operation

The Dutch police initiated an investigation into the suspect following a complaint lodged by an elderly woman from Loosdrecht, a town in the Netherlands. On February 21, she received a call from an individual posing as a bank employee, who falsely claimed her account had been hacked.

The victim was instructed to promptly place her bank card and PIN in an envelope for collection by another “bank employee.” The suspect, a 19-year-old from Amsterdam, is believed to have impersonated this employee.

After handing over the envelope, the victim’s neighbor visited and became suspicious of the situation. She immediately assisted the victim in contacting the bank and blocking her account. Unfortunately, by then, several hundred euros had already been withdrawn at a nearby supermarket.

Multiple Victims Identified

The 19-year-old was recognized from the supermarket’s CCTV footage. Further investigation by the Dutch police linked the man to at least thirty other complaints, all victims of similar bank helpdesk fraud tactics. In total, the victims were defrauded of more than €130,000.

Arrest and House Search

The suspect was apprehended on Monday, July 31. During a search of his residence, several hundred euros and multiple data carriers were seized. The Dutch police have stated that they do not rule out additional arrests in this ongoing investigation.

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