Dutch Police Can Access Hidden Telegram Numbers

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Telegram, the messaging app that prides itself on user privacy, may not be as secure as it claims1. Recent documents released by the Dutch police reveal that they can swiftly request Telegram to disclose hidden phone numbers and IP addresses.

The Revelation

The Dutch police force disclosed this information under their country’s Freedom of Information Act. The documents include guidelines and forms that help officers rapidly gather vital data from Telegram. This news was reported by BNR after the police released the documents.

The Criteria

According to the internal communication2, such requests are only considered when there’s an “immediate threat to life.” These guidelines were distributed to the police force in December of the previous year.

Telegram’s Privacy Paradox

Telegram has always emphasized its commitment to user privacy. Its privacy policy even states that they have “never” shared personal information with law enforcement. However, this claim now appears increasingly questionable. The privacy policy claims that Telegram has never shared user data with law enforcement agencies, but recent events suggest otherwise.

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