Dutch government connects private company cameras to the Dutch Police real-time camera monitoring station

The project titled “Live View Real-Time Cameratoezicht” is an interesting step from the Dutch government.

The government claims that they are willing to provide a free service to all the companies in The Netherlands.

The Dutch police will allow private companies to attach their camera feed to the police data servers.

The police will be able to keep a close ‘live’ view on all the companies which are connected. This will allow the police to intercept criminals in a much faster rate.

The control room of the police is a central station or monitoring station.

politie liveview 1


By sending real time camera images to the control room, the police will be able to respond to emergencies in an advanced tactical way.

An additional advantage is the fact that the police will be able to verify a warning before they send out police officers. This will decrease the false alarm rates.


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