Instagram Gallery downloader: Download all your Instagram pictures with one click

Instagram does not allow you to download all your gallery pictures directly, and the reason is unknown, but there happens to be a tool which allows you to download all your gallery pictures with just a single push on a button.

The Instagram Gallery downloader tool is a free to use tool, which has been crafted with just one goal – to allow the Instagram user to download all their private pictures.

To be able to download all your Instagram pictures, you will need to follow the tutorial which has been published below. The tutorial will guide you on how to setup the Instagram pictures download tool – and it will instruct you on how to get all your Instagram pictures on your computer.

The developer behind the Instagram Gallery downloader is “Gideonn” and you can find him on Github.

Instagram Gallery downloader

First of all, you will need to login at your Instagram account. Navigate to the official Instagram website and login like you always do.