Double Trouble: Estee Lauder Targeted by BlackCat and Cl0p Ransomware

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Recently, there have been two prominent ransomware groups making headlines: BlackCat ransomware (ALPHV) and Cl0p Ransomware. Surprisingly, both of these malicious entities have independently targeted and noted down the same company on their dark web leak sites. The company in question is none other than Estee Lauder, a renowned multinational cosmetics corporation.

Dominic Alvieri on Cl0p and ALPHV ransomware gangs.
Dominic Alvieri on Cl0p and ALPHV ransomware gangs.

BlackCat ransomware (ALPHV) and Cl0p Ransomware are two distinct cybercriminal groups that operate separately, yet they seem to have converged in their choice of targeting Estee Lauder.

These ransomware groups employ a similar modus operandi, encrypting valuable data and demanding hefty ransoms from their victims. However, what makes this particular situation intriguing is their shared focus on Estee Lauder.

While the precise reasons for targeting Estee Lauder by both these ransomware groups remain undisclosed, it underscores the gravity of the cyber threats faced by prominent corporations and organizations.

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