DO IT Company Faces Severe Data Breach Allegations

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In a concerning development, the IT firm “DO IT” is under the spotlight following accusations of severe network security negligence.

The Ragnalocker Ransomware Group claims to have exploited these vulnerabilities, leading to a significant data leak that has reportedly impacted the firm’s clients.

According to the statements from the Ragnalocker Ransomware Group, DO IT, despite being an IT company inherently tasked with upholding stringent network security standards, displayed high-level negligence.

DO IT Company Faces Severe Data Breach Allegations
DO IT Company Faces Severe Data Breach Allegations

The group asserts, “No matter that they are an IT company… they are totally not interested nor in the building safety perimeter, neither in resolving the detected issues.”

As per the latest developments, the Ragnalocker Ransomware Group has reportedly published a detailed list of DO IT clients they claim to have affected due to the security lapses.

The publication of such a list, if verified, could have significant repercussions for both DO IT and its clientele, exposing sensitive data and possibly harming reputations.

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