DNS Attack causes internet failures in 4.8 million Japanese households

Massive DNS amplification attack cause Japanese servers to go down , cyber-attack that sends data to internet service providers’ servers via home routers has caused internet failures in at least 4.8 million households.Yomiuri Shimbun news report.

Japanese largest Internet service provide (OCN) with 8.15 million household customers was under distributed denial of service (DDoS) cyber attacks for about 40 minutes.

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Service providers that disclosed cases of Internet outages since the end of May this year include Jupiter Telecommunications Co. in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, with users in 2.82 million households; K-Opticom Corp. in Osaka, with users in 1.5 million households; Arteria Networks Corp. in Minato Ward, Tokyo, with 560,000 household users; and Dream Train Internet Inc. in Shibuya Ward, which has not disclosed the number of its users.

According to the survey conducted by a private group, there are about 540,000 routers and other devices with the vulnerability, 90 percent of which are for home use.

Some products shipped by the major manufacturer Buffalo Inc. also have the same vulnerability, and the company is calling on users to update software.

After the attacks occurred, the telecommunications ministry concluded in April that they do not violate the Telecommunications Business Law even though Internet providers’ communications were blocked.

Tsunehiko Suzuki, a professor at Chukyo University who studies cyber-attacks, points out that causing the whole Internet to fail is possible if attackers were to target all routers with the vulnerability simultaneously. “It’s a serious threat. The users should update their routers as quickly as possible, because they may cause problems for other users,” said the network security expert.

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