Watch Dogs Action? Digital Road Signs Hacked Across U.S. Highways

Cyber attack targeted electronic highway signs in North Carolina announced U.S. Department of Transportation in a press release that they are investigating a cyber event, how the hacker was able to get into the private DRS  network and put  a messages on the highway billboards.

Ubisoft new game Watch Dogs give the player (hacker) abilities to hack and manipulates central operating system of a city and change more than 50 billboards .

Sun Hacker message shows up on signs were located on:
• I-40 and I-240 in Asheville;
• U.S. 421 in Winston-Salem;
• I-77 near the North Carolina/Virginia state line; and
• Carolina Beach Road in New Hanover County.

All five digital road signs displayed a message that read Hack by Sun Hacker twitt with me, @ISUN_HACKER retwitt the message.

sun hacker2

NCDOT Assesses Security after Group Hacks Digital Road Signs press release read ;

We’re taking this cyber event very seriously,” said NCDOT Chief Information Officer David Ulmer. “We’re not only working with the authorities to investigate this serious incident, but we’re also doing multiple security scans on our equipment and our IT infrastructure to make sure we close any further vulnerabilities.”

NCDOT has identified how the hackers got into its system, and now has crews across the state physically inspecting each sign in person to ensure its settings do not leave it exposed to hackers. They expect to complete this on-the-ground inspection tomorrow morning.

In addition, the department’s IT information security team is currently scanning the internet-related connections to the signs to confirm there are no further vulnerabilities in this area. The process will conclude later this weekend.

North Carolina was not the only state targeted by this group of hackers. They also changed the messages on signs in Wyoming. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been notified and is now looking into the events.

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