DHS, CIA personal data has been leaked by CWA

The hacker which uses the handle @_CWA_ on Twitter claims that he had gained access to the AOL email account of John Brennan, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The hacker has leaked ‘valuable’ and ‘classified’ information on the internet which holds data of former and current government officials.

The data holds phone numbers, social security numbers, emails and a status of security clearance.

cwa encrypted chat

The Twitter account of the hacker has been deactivated by Twitter, the @_CWA_ account is suspended and is not accessible anymore. The hacker claims to be living in New York, and he also claims to have an Italian background.

The attacked was made by the hacker in order to support the ‘FreeGaza and FreePalestine’ operations.

The hacker is also active on Twitter via the following Twitter handle: “@phphax”.

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