Cybercriminal Offers Access to Deutsche Bank System for 7.5BTC

The cybercriminals ‘0x_dump’ stated on their Telegram channel that they have breached the Deutsche bank security systems, and are now selling access for 7.5 BTC.

In short, the cybercriminals claim to have accessed 21000 machines and have access to 16TB data. @0x_dump has stated on his telegram channel that the access will be sold to anyone that is willing to pay 7.5 BTC.

The Telegram post claiming the hack on Deutsche Bank

The cybercrime group ‘@0x_dump’ said that there are many “potential” buyers and that proof of “wealth” should be provided in order to have a chance to purchase the access to Deutsche bank.

0x_dump stating that they are getting lots of requests.

More resources on this breach:

The video on Youtube for this post on the Ox_dump hacking group
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