Detox Ransome the hacker which hacked BitDefender and stole BitDefender customer data

The hacker Detox Ransome is giving BitDefender a very hard time. The hacker claims to have gained hold on information of BitDefender clients by performing a sniffing attack (MITM) on the BitDefender servers.

Detox Ransome has publicly attempted to blackmail the BitDefender company. Claiming that Bitdefender has to pay 15000 dollar or the hacker will publish (leak) the BitDefender customer database.

This blackmail attempt was performed via Twitter and the guys from have taken a screenshot of it.

BitDefender responded to the @DetoxRansome hacker by instructing the hacker to contact the BitDefender team via the [email protected] email address.


As he describes in the emails provided by our source, DR began exploiting the usernames and passwords to breach many of Bit Defenders clients. “this has the potential of being huge as I’m able to sniff all customer usernames and passes gov mil pharm etc this is big as i was able to hack by using this” DetoxRansome writes.

It is clear that DetoxRansome is trying to put BitDefender in a corner. The hacker had published various pictures which show that he/she has access to BitDefender customer clients data.

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