Defend yourself against Malware Job application mails

The chance is high that one of those mails in your Outlook inbox contains malware, but how can you identify a malicious mail that holds malware? Well in this post we are going to give advice on how to deal with documents and files that are being send to you by mail.

The reason why we decided to publish a post is because we are seeing an increase of attacks which use open Job applications to gain access.

How to defend yourself against malware job application mails

Luckily a lot of services have been setup by your system engineer which will decrease the chance of a malicious document to enter your inbox, and we do not want to make this a technical advice, so we are going to keep it straight forward.

Once a malicious document ends up in your inbox, the chance is very high that: 

The malicious document is stored in an zip file which needs a password to be opened, cyber criminals and hackers use this method because it is often the only way for them to bypass the security services that have been setup by your system engineer.

So when you get a zip file which needs a password: 

Check if you are supposed to get a file like that, and if the answer is yes, give the TRUSTED (someone you know and can identify) sender a CALL and verify that the file that has been send is indeed the file that needs to be opened.

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