How to defend yourself against Facebook malware in 2014

Hackers are using Facebook as an portal to gain credentials and money. The worst part is, they are using people that are unaware of the malware that can be found on Facebook. One of the recent examples is the video Rollercoaster accident in Orlando park, this Facebook malware targeted at least 30 000 users in 2 days. The malware that is similar build like the “Nicki Minaj tape that got leaked by her boyfriend”  uses the users to share the malicious malware post.

It works like this

They will try to trick you with an video that is shocking, but before you can watch the video you will need to share something or install an application. One you share the video, the video is posted on your wall which your friends then will view as it is shocking. This makes the Facebook malware very effective. You will find multiple images that try to trick you into believing that it is an video. You will see fake Facebook comments below the video and as you already thought – the video is fake.

Now what do these hackers gain when they trick you: 

1. They get a lot of traffic to their website, they can monitor this to specifically target people.