Racism by the U.S: No Chinese people allowed at Defcon

The United States is preparing a research which will provide them insight if they will allow or decline people which have a Chinese background or relation. The Defcon hacker events are one of the famous hacking events which take place in the United States. The hacking conferences allow journalists, companies, governments and hackers to exchange information on various hacking and security topics.

But as it was published this month, the United States is acting against China as they have warned China that they have caught 5 Chinese government hackers which were performing espionage on United States companies. China responded that the United States have made up these stories and that they will not take the allegations seriously.

This is racism

The United States is not allowed to ban specific people because of their backgrounds or relationships. These events are made so that people will be able to network with each other. If the government of the United States continues like this, they will scare away all the hackers that do want to attend a nice event which allows everyone.

Information is power, and we hackers like information! 

The Defcon 2014 event will take place during August 7 -10. The Defcon event seems to need a lot of positive feedback from the hacking community or it might be that not one hacker will attend the Defcon 2014 conference

This is not the first time that the United States angered the hacking and information security community. Earlier this year Mikko Hypponen, chief  research officer at Finnish cybersecurity company F-Secure told the RSA that he will not attend the conference as they have worked together with the NSA in a illegal way. In total 6 security experts which were going to present at the RSA conference said that they will not attend the RSA conference.

Share and Tweet, make a point.
Share and Tweet, make a point.

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