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Modern data centers have to manage multiple tasks such as cloud computing, big data and virtualization. The result is that they have become quite large, thus being more prone to hacker attacks.

Research done by various IT decision makers has revealed that security and availability are the two major drawbacks that make them refrain from adopting cloud computing. Internet data centers have been targeted countless times by various cyber-criminals, so there’s no wonder they are perceived as huge targets. All these being said, it isn’t a surprise that both public and private internet data ceter operators need to reassess their protection against distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS), the major threat of our modern world.

Attacks become more and more sophisticated, shifting from the volumetric-based ones – that did nothing else but overwhelm a connection with high volumes of data – to complex attacks that target specific services, being therefore more difficult to detect before they wreak havoc on the attacked server. This white paper discusses the need to protect your data center, but also the new application-layer attacks that threaten multiple online services such as electronic banking, e-commerce and email applications.

Taking all these into consideration, the need for intelligent security solutions is bigger than ever before. Download and read this white paper today, in order to discover five excellent ways to improve the security of your data center environment. These measures include:

  1. Protect data centers from threats that are impossible to stop by other security equipment
  2. Secure the availability of your data center services, as they are your most valuable asset
  3. Protect the infrastructure of your data center, its connectivity via cable management access flooring, and the data and the services of your customers
  4. Provide visibility inside data centers and at the data center edge
  5. Identify imminent threats by inspecting the area beyond the borders of your data center.

As the focus on the modern data center has increased, IT administrators need to find methods to improve the security of their infrastructure. They have to take into consideration all types of attacks, and keep their environment safe from all of them. This is perhaps their biggest challenge, as reliance around data center platforms is on an ascending trend.

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