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DARPA is working on houses that can repair themselves!

Engineered Living Materials – it is going to be the future if the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency project ELM will succeed. DARPA states that they are researching the capabilities of using 3D printed tissue for repairs on houses and more. DARPA also states that the living structural materials could open up a new horizon for engineers and architects.

DARPA is launching the Engineered Living Materials (ELM) program with a goal of creating a new class of materials that combines the structural properties of traditional building materials with attributes of living systems.

DARPA wants to solve the issue of decaying structural materials – they believe that there is a real future for living structural materials.

The structural materials that are currently used to construct homes, buildings, and infrastructure are expensive to produce and transport, wear out due to age and damage, and have limited ability to respond to changes in their immediate surroundings.

Read more about the ELM project on the official DARPA website.

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