[Darknet Exit Scam] Thousands of Bitcoins have been stolen from Evolution Marketplace users

It is official, the Evolution Marketplace has run a exit scam. The Evolution exit scam has provided the scammers an incredible amount of Bitcoins. The users on Reddit in the /r/DarknetMarkets page are discussing and sharing their information about the Evolution Marketplace.

One of the important posts is the “BlueHighSky” post which has been posted on the i25c62nvu4cgeqyz.onion site. The post clearly states that Kimble and Verto are running a Darknet Exit scam.

The post on the forum

Forum admit bitcoin exit scam
Forum admit bitcoin exit scam

Some of the people on Reddit are also stating that they will hire “professional” Darknet services to track down the Administrators of Evolution Marketplace and some claim that they will take their own life after they took notice of the Evolution Darknet Exit scam.

Suicide Reddit
Suicide Reddit

These are the known names of the administrators of the Evolution Marketplace:

  • NSWGreat – Evolution Staff member
  • Kimble – Administrator
  • Verto – Administrator

Some of the users on the Evolution Marketplace knew that this was going to happen eventually. The AussieCryptoCurrency user on Reddit stated the following:


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