Dan Bilzerian twitter account hacked

The twitter account of Dan Bilzerian has been breached. Today the twitter account started to tweet racist messages and everything that follows when you deal with with a verified ‘hacked’ account that has millions of visitors.

What do we know:

  • The account of Dan Bilzerian showed breached activity on 6/11/2019
  • The Twitter account @NuBLoM seems to be affiliated to the breach
Hacked Twitter account of Dan Bilzerian

The official account of Dan Bilzerian:

Here is another picture showing the crazy tweets, we have blurred the racial slurs:

The Twitter account @NuBloM that seems to be in control:

The first sign that @NuBLoM mentioned a twitter boost on Dan, could indicate the time period that access was gained to the official Dan Bilzerian account.

OSINT searches on @NuBloM

After doing some Google searches, the following was found.

PasteBin found online containing a DOX:

Handles that are affiliated to NuBloM:

NuBloM, Corey, Render7s

It looks like the actor is active on the Instant Messaging platform Aim.

The following Youtube account seems to be affiliated:

NuBLoM showing off a hack via Youtube

The Youtube account:

Some videos in the Youtube account pointing out that a fire had taken place in his ‘neighborhood’.

The link to that video:

Another video

The link to that video:

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