Dan Bilzerian fans RAGE after they see his picture with a chained underfed Lion

The famous professional poker player and actor Dan Brandon Bilzerian has published a picture on his Facebook page which shows how he has taken a selfie with a (fake, see picture below) underfed lion.

The fans on his Facebook page have started to bash on Dan Bilzerian, stating that he should take care of the lion.

Some people on his page also decided to start trolling him by claiming that Dan Bilzerian his legs are skinny.

underfed lion


fake lion
Lion plate

But the reason why this is being posted on Cyberwarzone is simple. Dan Bilzerian has become an internet social media personality and he can move crowds of people in to performing a specific action.

Did you know that when you type Dan Bilzerian in Google, the first search query you will see is the “Dan Bilzerian President” query?!

dan bilzerian president

Oh, let’s just hope this guy never becomes the president and if he would become president, he should become the president of the Playboy mansion.

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