Daesh (ISIS) has released a cyberwar magazine titled “Kybernetiq”

Daesh has launched a cyberwar magazine called Kybernetiq in order to recruit and inform “future” Daesh cyber-soldiers on how to perform cyberattacks on the West and other targets while staying Anonymous during the attacks.


The magazine which has been launched by Daesh is titled “Kybernetiq” and the first issue of the “Kybernetiq” Daesh magazine was issued in December 2015 on social media channels like Twitter and Telegram.


The distributers of the Daesh “Kybernetiq” magazine have issued others to translate the magazine, so in order other people will be able to read the magazine. Allowing Daesh to recruit and instruct more people.

“It is very important to us that our brothers and sisters learn the proper handling of software and hardware,” states the preface to Kybernetiq, written under the alias iMujahid.

The Kybernetiq magazine talks about how meta-data can be used by government officials to trace and detect Daesh cyber soldiers. The first issue of Kybernetiq was released in the German language.

“After the US drone strike against Junaid Hussain [Abu Hussain Britani], the cyber caliphates effectiveness has declined dramatically and they currently pose little threat to Western society in terms of data breaches, however that is subject to change at any time,”