Daesh is preparing deadly cyber attacks

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Reports have been published which claim that Daesh is trying to develop the capability to attack British infrastructures such as hospitals, power networks and air traffic control systems which can cause potentially lethal consequences.

The statement by George Osborne shows that Daesh is capable of targeting critical infrastructures, and it is not only England which can be targeted by Daesh. In response Britain has decided that it will increase the funding’s for cyber defenses.

In response, Britain will bolster spending on cyber defenses, simplify its state cyber structures and build its own offensive cyber capability to attack adversaries.

The new cyber-attack forces will be built with GCHQ and the Defence Ministry of England.

“They have not been able to use it to kill people yet by attacking our infrastructure through cyber attack,” he said. “But we know they want it and are doing their best to build it.

Photo credits: Reuters.

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