Cyfirma Report on Killnet

This Killnet investigation performed by “Cyfirma” describes how KILLNET and its sub-groups including Legion/ Spetsnaz are indeed increasingly active/aggressive as they have been growing from a small DDoS-for-hire cybercrime group into “Russian Anonymous”. Cyfirma reports that they don’t see any indicators pointing to imminent attacks against Asia Region or Japan specifically.

The report continues to explain that Killnet has a main focus on companies and governments which are against the Ukraine – Russia war.

Their main focus is on attacking any country’s critical infrastructure and government websites who is
taking action against Russia or significantly support Ukraine.

Cyfirma on Killnet

Since original Killnet group was developing and selling DDoS tools/attacks, they were able to quickly (in 48 hours) launch high-profile retaliation attacks against enemies of Russia. This attracted former Russian Anonymous hacktivists, the amateur public and a few hackers from the vast Russian cybercrime

Cyfirma on Killnet

Killnet became the Russian counterpart of Anonymous and has been engaging in cyber skirmishes with them ever since. Main Killnet group still focuses on DDoS attacks and online propaganda in a similar way Anonymous does. However, it has a sub-groups called “LEGION – Cyber Spetsnaz”, “Zarya Squad” and “Lira’s Special Network Squad” where the more skilled hackers concentrate.

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