Cyberwarzone Malware Searcher KIT

The program is straight forward. I actively search for malicious website which host scams and hoaxes. This tool allows me to scan the malicious domain and get the network information. This information is then used in the articles which you find on

cyberwarzone malware searcher kit website scanner
cyberwarzone malware searcher kit website scanner

What does it currently do:

  • Ping website and get the IP
  • Create MD5 for malicious domain
  • Create MD5 for malicious title

I want to add the following options to the application:

  • Reverse DNS lookup
  • Automatically create list of scanned IP’s and store to excel or txt
  • Rescan stored excel values for changed network information

Google Dorks

The Google Dorks section will allow me to access the stored Google Dork queries. The queries will allow me to find specific malware environments.

Take a look at the list below to get insight in the collected and shared Google Dork queries which allow you to track malware on the internet.

cyberwarzone malware searcher kit google dorks
cyberwarzone malware searcher kit google dorks

Google Dork library

List contains 4000+ Google Dorks which can be used for anything.

  1. Zeus
  2. SpyEye
  3. BetaBot
  4. JackPOS
  5. Pony
  6. iStealer
  7. ICE IX
  8. Citadel

In next version

  1. Destination Darkness
  2. Dexter
  3. vSkimmer
  4. Andromeda
  5. Athena

Download Google Dorks Tool for Windows

This Google Dork tools is free to download and it is currently in the ALPHA v1 version.


Cyberwarzone Malware Searcher Kit alpha v1

Virustotal scan

You can take a look at the virustotal scan to get insight if the file is malicious (of course it is not, but there are people that always want to be 100% sure).

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