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The world of cyberwar

If you are searching for the latest cyberwar news, then you are at the right spot. Here on Cyberwarzone, we have been collecting and sharing cyberwarfare news since 2010. This means that there is a wide range of cyberwarfare news and material that you can use for your research.

Cyberwar news

There is a whole section dedicated to cyberwar news, the cyberwar news which has been made public is often based on official investigations, reports and news.

Cyberwar videos

It is important to keep track of videos which have been shared that discuss cyberwar, cyberconflict and cyber attacks. For that reason, we have been collecting cyberwarfare videos. The cyberwar videos are updated on a daily basis.

What is cyberwar

Warfare via computer networks, usually via hacking, for example to spy, steal or change information or to make it inaccessible or to disrupt computer systems more generally; warfare on the internet.

What is a cyber attack

An attack on computers, servers, websites, etc. by criminals or terrorists, usually with the aim of obtaining personal information or disabling / hindering computer systems.

Some known APT groups

APT, is a collective term for threat by a group of attackers who not only has advanced technical resources and sufficient money, but also a strong motivation to obtain trade secrets or classified (state secret) information.

[email protected]Dust StormPatchwork
APT16FIN10Poseidon Group
APT18FIN5Putter Panda
APT29FIN8Sandworm Team
APT3GallmakerScarlet Mimic
APT30Gamaredon GroupSilence
APT33Gorgon GroupSoft Cell
APT38HoneybeeStealth Falcon
APT39Ke3changStolen Pencil
AxiomLazarus GroupSuckfly
CarbanakLotus BlossomTaidoor
Charming KittenMacheteTEMP.Veles
CleaverMagic HoundThe White Company
Cobalt GroupmenuPassThreat Group-1314
CopyKittensMoafeeThreat Group-3390
Dark CaracalMoleratsThrip
DarkhotelMuddyWaterTropic Trooper
Deep PandaNEODYMIUMWinnti Group
DragonflyNight DragonWIRTE
Dragonfly 2.0OilRig

Some other names for known APT groups

Comment Crew,Comment Group,Comment Panda,IXESHE,DynCalc,Numbered Panda,DNSCALC,Deputy Dog,TG-0416,Dynamite Panda,Threat Group-0416,Codoso,C0d0so0,Codoso Team,Sunshop Group,SNAKEMACKEREL,Swallowtail,Group 74,Sednit,Sofacy,Pawn Storm,Fancy Bear,STRONTIUM,Tsar Team,Threat Group-4127,TG-4127,YTTRIUM,The Dukes,Cozy Bear,CozyDuke,Gothic Panda,Pirpi,UPS Team,Buckeye,Threat Group-0110,TG-0110,SeaLotus,OceanLotus,APT-C-00,Elfin,ScarCruft,Reaper,Group123,TEMP.Reaper,Chafer,Group 72,REDBALDKNIGHT,Tick,Anunak,Carbon Spider,Threat Group 2889,TG-2889,Cobalt Gang,Cobalt Spider,Shell Crew,WebMasters,KungFu Kittens,PinkPanther,Black Vine,Energetic Bear,Berserk Bear,Elderwood Gang,Beijing Group,Sneaky Panda,ITG08,APT15,Mirage,Vixen Panda,GREF,Playful Dragon,RoyalAPT,Velvet Chollima,HIDDEN COBRA,Guardians of Peace,ZINC,NICKEL ACADEMY,Raspite,TEMP.Jumper,APT40,TEMP.Periscope,DRAGONFISH,Spring Dragon,El Machete,Rocket Kitten,Operation Saffron Rose,Ajax Security Team,Operation Woolen-Goldfish,Newscaster,Cobalt Gypsy,APT35,Stone Panda,APT10,Red Apollo,CVNX,HOGFISH,Operation Molerats,Gaza Cybergang,Seedworm,TEMP.Zagros,IRN2,HELIX KITTEN,APT34,Dropping Elephant,Chinastrats,MONSOON,Operation Hangover,APT2,MSUpdater,Quedagh,VOODOO BEAR,ProjectSauron,XENOTIME,TG-1314,TG-3390,Emissary Panda,BRONZE UNION,APT27,Iron Tiger,LuckyMouse,KeyBoy,Waterbug,WhiteBear,VENOMOUS BEAR,Snake,Krypton,Blackfly