Cyberwar: Acknowledge that you are being attacked

The world is full of dangers and the dangers lie in each corner – now let’s repeat this but with a little change: The web is full of dangers and the dangers lie in each click.

It is time to stop fearing the cyber attacks and it is time to start taking actions on the threats which you will have to face alone or with your team.


Take a critical look at your infrastructure and start training your staff on how to respond to (possible) cyber attacks.  You, your team, your staff, your employer or your employees all share the same vulnerability which is clearly visible: We are humans, we make mistakes.

So it is wise to acknowledge that mistakes will be made and that it is critical to secure your environment in such a way that you will have an perfect insight on what is happening in your infrastructure.

It is also wise to use the vulnerability in an positive way, force yourself to look for weaknesses and single point of failures.

Force yourself to communicate about these risks and what kind of impact it can have on the environment.

Force yourself to see the threat as an challenge.


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