[Cybersecurity] Malicious application on iTunes: Who Viewed My Profile?

We all know that it is impossible to track Facebook user views via applications. This would need a whole community to make use of a application before it would have the data to link Facebook profile views. Now let’s take a look at the Who Viewed My Profile application which has been shared on the apple application store “iTunes”.

Who Viewed My Profile

The Who Viewed My Profile iTunes application claims that it allows users to view their Facebook account viewers. The application can be downloaded for free via the iTunes application store.

The author claims that:

Any activity you do on Facebook like messaging someone, liking a post ,commenting on a status, Visiting a profile, viewing someone’s photos …. is triggering something in the code that changes the order of this list, noting that some of these factors have a higher priority than others.

While Facebook claims that:

no it is not possible