Cybersecurity: It is war, and cybercriminals are arming themselves

It is war, if you like it or not, cybercriminals are after your data – and do not get this wrong, each type of data is interesting for cybercriminals, because in this age, data is knowledge, and people pay for knowledge.

I will now stop with bringing fear, because that is not something I want, I want you to understand why your company will get breached.

It all starts with the first 3 words of this post. It is war. Cybercriminals are arming themselves to their teeth’s. They literally have an arsenal of exploits and tools which allow them to perform successful cyberattacks, while your company or the company near you isn’t even aware of the fact that a war is waging. That is the first advantage that they have, and it is not weird.

A company has been setup to sell their key services or products, they have not been setup to defend themselves in war times, but day by day we are getting more aware that we can be targeted, and that is good.

Off topic but important; I have no military background, but I want you to understand.

Now let’s for the sake agree that we are at war. At war times, questions need to be answered. Try to answer these questions:

Do you have valuable data stored?

This can be personal information to customer records and intellectual property.

Do you have security policies which are implemented and used?

Using strong passwords and disabling USB access are just some examples.

Do you patch and update your software?