Cybercriminal shows how he earns 100000 EUR in 2 weeks

Cyber security experts try to inform people on the threats that cybercriminals launch on the internet, but it is the next video which will made a lot of people aware about the amount of money cybercriminals are able to make with infecting people. In the following video you will see how a cybercriminal is going to use a botnet and a call center to gain a massive amount of money, 100 000 euro to be exact.

He uses social engineering and the metasploit framework to lure people to their banking site. Once they are on the banking site they are instructed to make a payment to the cybercriminal. The victims are not aware of the fact that they are dealing with a cybercriminal.

Watch the video now about the hacker which makes 100K EUR in two weeks.  The video is made in The Netherlands and Ukraine.

As you can see in the video above it is extremely easy for cybercriminals to gain money from unaware internet users. Please share and inform your surroundings about this video as it will have a great impact on the way they will use their computers and devices in the future.

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