Cybercrime in New York Skyrockets 53%: What You Need to Know

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A Worrying Surge in NY’s Cybercrime Landscape

What if the technology that powers your city’s services could be taken hostage? Cybercrime in New York has surged 53% since 2016, with ransomware and data breaches ranking third highest in the nation. The state lost over $775 million in 2022 alone, according to a report by State Comptroller Thomas P1. DiNapoli.

In the span from 2016 to 2022, cyberattacks in New York increased from 16,426 incidents to 25,1122. Even more concerning, attacks on critical infrastructure nearly doubled in the first half of 2023. Estimated losses from these attacks in 2022 surpassed $775 million, contributing to a nationwide loss of $10.3 billion.

The sectors most affected by ransomware and data breaches are Healthcare and Public Health, followed by Financial Services. Commercial Facilities and Government Facilities tied for third place. The rising number of attacks poses a significant risk to essential services and the economy.

Efforts to combat these threats are underway, the Governor appointed a state chief cyber officer in 2022 to lead cross-agency efforts. Additionally, a Joint Security Operations Center has been established for cyber threat detection and incident response. The state also rolled out its first cybersecurity strategy to tap into new federal funding sources.

DiNapoli’s audits have uncovered common technical weaknesses across state agencies, such as poor understanding of security risks and lack of proper access controls. His report also highlights the cybersecurity challenges faced by New York’s local governments and schools. From ransomware attacks on the Syracuse City School District to the long lasting impacts of a cyberattack on Suffolk County, these incidents underscore the serious risks that illegal access can pose to operations that heavily rely on technology.

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