How much do cybercriminals make? Billions..

CYBERWARZONE – In this post we are taking a look at some cybercrime groups which have made millions during their criminal campaigns.

Cybercrime groupAmount
Carbanak1 billion EUR
Opera1or30 million USD
Dutch Phishing gangSeveral million EUR
GozNym 100 million USD
Fin6 400 million USD
JabberZeus70 million USD
Just a quick glance on how much cybercrime gangs make


The Carbanak hacking group easily made over 1 Billion euro’s during their campaigns. According to the report provided by Europol, this cybercrime gang easily made 10 million EUR per cyber attack. They used the Carbanak and Cobalt malware to perform their cyber attacks. In total, they had struck over various banks which were located in 40 countries. The Carbanak hacking team would lure bank employees into opening emails with malicious attachments. Carbanak would impersonate legitimate companies and send out specially crafted emails in their spear phishing attacks.


The Opera1or cybercrime group made over 30 million dollars in 4 years. The gang carried out cyber attacks on financial institutions and telecommunication operators in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

The investigation team of Group-IB reported that the criminal gang carried out at least 30 cyber attacks in which they gained financial wealth.

Dutch phishing gang

This Dutch phishing gang carried out cyber attacks on residents of The Netherlands and Belgium. They would send out emails and text messages which contained links to bogus banking sites. The gang would create various phishing pages to steal banking credentials. Members of this group have also been connected with cases of drugs trafficking and possible firearms trafficking. During their arrest, 24 houses were searched.


The GozNym cybercrime group was an international gang which found each other by advertising their skills on online forums, this group was made out of 15+ persons. During their criminal campaigns, the GozNym cybercrime group made over 100 million dollars by deploying the GozNym malware on compromised victim devices. The GozNym malware would capture banking details and report the info back to the criminal group. From what is reported, the GozNym cybercrime group easily made 40000 cybercrime victims. The name GozNym is a hybrid of two other pieces of malware named Nymaim and Gozi.


The Fin6 cybercrime group hacked into numerous organizations in the retail and hospitality sectors to steal payment cards. The estimated worth of the stolen payment cards surpassed 400 million dollars. This criminal group would steal the payment cards and offer them for purchase on underground markets.


JabberZeus is a small but powerful group from Ukraine and Russia that attacks its victims with customized versions of the Zeus banking Trojan. One of the prominent figures within the JabberZeus cybercrime group has been arrested. The group mainly targeted small and medium-sized companies in the United States of America and Western Europe. It is stated by security researchers that during the criminal campaigns of JabberZeus, the cybercrime team easily stole 70+ million dollars.

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