CyberBerkut cyberarmy strikes at tragedy perpetrators in Odessa!

A terrifying message from the CyberBerkut cyberarmy has been received in our e-mail inbox. The Cyberarmy claims that they have 4500 volunteers which are capable of performing a cyber attack.

We, CyberBerkut, announce that 4.5 thousand volunteers have already joined our CyberArmy. Such number of honest and brave people strengthens the confidence in a clear future of our country.

The message continues that they have earned that battle experiences through attacking the Odessa regional administration, the regional public prosecutor’s office and the M.I.A of Ukraina.

The first combat experience of the CyberArmy members was a strike at the sites of Odessa regional administration, Regional public prosecutor’s office of Odessa and M.I.A of Ukraine whose employees not only didn’t prevent mass killings but supported criminals and covered them by their backs.

The CyberArmy continues in their message that they have released information about the participants that acted in the disturbance

The information about participants of disturbances, incendiaries, killers, their coordinators and masters is known. We uploaded the tragedy perpetrators lists to our website at the BerkutLeaks section. The criminals and their abettors must be punished!

They close their message with their slogan

We are CyberBerkut. We will not forget! We will not forgive!

Some shocking videos of the conflict in Ukraine:

  1. Ukrainian soldier fires an RPG
  2. Dead government supporter
  3. Barricades on fire near city council. BPMs drive by
  4. Government BMP captured
  5. Civilians surround, try to stop BMP
  6. 8:35 video of stand off between people and Ukrainian soldiers. Lots of shouting and name calling. 1 Civilian shot at 5:35. 3+ civilians get shot at 7:00+
  7. Police building occupied by Pro-Russians after taking fire from Ukrainian army
  8. Another video of people stopping BMP. Same event
  9. Quarrels between soldiers and civilians: video1 video2
  10. People shout at pro-government fighters carrying their injured
  11. People stop army column. Soldiers open fire (probably in the air, but not quite sure)
  12. Fire in the Police building starting. Voice behind the camera accuses of pro-government soldiers of starting the fire while pro-Russians are inside (1:50+). Though it can’t be seen how the fire was started
  13. Injured city deputy. Killed civilian
  14. Another civilian shot