Cyberattack Paralyzes Care for the Elderly and Sick

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The Netherlands – Have you caught wind of the latest turmoil shaking up the emergency button system, crucial for a myriad of elderly and sick folks? Picture this: On the 13th of November, 2023, a vast swath of users discovered their lifeline, the Tunstall emergency assistance system, had gone kaput. It’s a system many count on for independent living, and suddenly, it’s on the fritz.

The Digital Onslaught

At first, the root of this system hitch was a puzzle. But, Tunstall has since shed light on the matter – it’s the work of a cyberattack. This digital assault wreaked havoc, jamming the signals meant to rush to the rescue centers. The finer details, like who’s behind this or the attack’s specifics, remain under wraps.

We’re not talking small potatoes here. Just in Limburg, about 3,000 souls rely on this service1. Globally, Tunstall’s user base balloons to a staggering 5.4 million2. This service breakdown has triggered a cascade of alerts from healthcare bodies, pushing them to rustle up backup communication plans pronto.

Take Envida in Limburg; they’re steering folks to an alternative phone line until things get back to normal.

And it’s a similar song and dance with Treant, another care provider3, who’s hustling to guide their clients during this blackout.

Tunstall’s response? They’ve roped in a crack team of cybersecurity experts to dissect this attack and get the gears turning again. Top of their agenda is to get the system back online and blunt the blow for those who lean on this service for their safety and health.

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