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Cyber Security Tools List 2015 [Ultimate Security tools]

Cyber Security Tools can be obtained in all type of formats, you can install cyber security tools on a Linux operating system or an Windows operating system.

The Cyber Security tools list on Cyberwarzone will focus on the Windows and Linux security tools which can be obtained for free or by subscribing for a account. The tools are used daily by thousands of security professionals worldwide and the reason is pretty simple. The listed tools are straight forward and they do not need a lot of configuration before you can start.

The tools are primarily optimized for security professionals which already have some background in the security field, but the tools can also be used by “newbie’s” because there are tons of tutorials available on the web which will guide the “newbie’s” step by step.

Open Source

Did you know that a lot of the Linux security tools are free and open source? This means that you can take a look at the source code, so you can understand what the security tool is doing, it also provides you to opportunity to gain insight in additional plug-in and methods which can be used/inserted in the cyber security tool.

The Windows Security tools are often closed environments, the service provider does allow the cyber security tool user to add additional plug-in or modules, but these have to be purchased or downloaded via the official security tool provider.

If you are only interested in viewing cyber security tools for Linux, then we strongly urge you to take a look at the TOP 10 Kali Linux security tools post, the post provides insight in the TOP 10 most used Kali Linux security tools. You can download the Kali Linux operating system for free by navigating to the official Kali Linux website. Do not download any Kali Linux operating system from other resources, only download it from the official website, this rule goes the same for all the other tools which are listed in the Cyber Security Tools list 2015.

The list has been setup in a random order so you will be forced to take a look at all the tools – the reason is so you can get an insight in all the available security tools and not only the tool which you are searching for, sorry for the inconvenience (smiley).

FOCA MetaData Analyzer Tool

The First tool I would like to start with is the Windows FOCA Metadata Analyzer tool, this tool allows you to scan networks and domains for metadata information and additional information which can be used by hackers to attack an environment. The information which is collected allows you to gain insight in the view which the hackers get, this allows you to clear the available and found files from metadata. It also allows you to harden the targeted environments against future hacking attacks. I strongly recommend this tool for all the security professionals and security “newbie’s” which perform security audits and penetration tests on online environments, it is also a great tool to raise awareness for companies as all the information which is collected is from the open internet.


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