Cyber Security Jobs: How to secure one (7 simple tips)

It can be a real challenge to find a cyber security job if you do not know where to look. In this post, we will take a look at 7 simple tips that will help you to find and secure a cyber security job from the cyber security jobs market.

Is A Career In Cyber Security For You?

When deciding to pick up a career in cyber security, it is important to know what you will face and what will be expected from you. In order to help you forward with that, we have made a collection of resources that will inform you about the possibilities in the cyber security field.


In the most cyber security jobs, the following skills or tasks are expected from you:

  • To be able to monitor and analyze security event data
  • Knowledge on how to use security tools to determine the nature and scope of security events to differentiate between potential intrusion attempts and false alarms
  • Use trouble ticketing systems to track security event investigations to resolution
  • Document activities during an incident and provide status updates to leadership or seniors
  • Stay up to date on current vulnerabilities, attacks and countermeasures
  • Conduct proactive threat and compromise research and analysis
  • Assist with the development of processes and procedures to improve NOC/SOC operations

NOC= Network Operations Center
SOC= Security Operations Center

When you are looking towards a threat intelligence position in the cyber security jobs market, the following tasks and skills can be expected from you:

  • The ability to travel 25% – 30%
  • Experience with security tools & frameworks like Metasploit, Burp Suite, Kali, and Canvas etc.
  • Knowledge of vulnerability remediation practices
  • Understand cyber security threat vectors and threat impact
  • Solid understanding of TCP/IP and related concepts
  • Solid understanding of cybersecurity methodologies
  • Understanding of web application and network vulnerabilities including OWASP, Top 10, and SANS Top 25
  • Understanding of common cybersecurity compliance frameworks (ISO, NIST, CSC Top 20)
  • Experience in working in multidisciplinary, high-performance teams/groups
  • Ability to develop practical and workable solutions for clients’ technical and business problems
  • Ability to excel in a fast-paced environment while working under pressure
  • Must be detail-oriented
  • Work with minimal supervision as an individual contributor and as part of the team
  • Strong analytical and time management skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Papers, experience and passion

Cyber Security Panels

I see it every day, people have the experience, and they have the papers, but they often lack the passion. This is something that each dedicated manager will see, so if you are able to bring your papers and experience with passion, the chance will greatly increase in securing a cyber security job.

The cyber security field never stops evolving, and only someone that is passionate can keep track of the cyber security developments.

Try to go out of the box


If you are having a hard time in finding a cyber security job, then it might be an idea to attend cyber security conferences. Cyber security conferences attract cyber security companies and they are always searching for passionate people that want/have a career in cyber security. Use these conferences to expand your network. The wider your network is, the higher the chance that you will be noticed as valuable asset for any cyber security company.

Participate with talks

Another great way to get in the spotlight, is to attend cyber security talks, [email protected]# you can even become a member of a panel session or something. Whatever you do, it is positive, because you are working in the cyber security field.

Be visible

In the previous topics, we discussed how you can gain visibility by attending talks and conferences, but there is another important environment that is critical in getting yourself noticed in the cyber security field.

The LinkedIn network, is a professional network that is used by millions of users daily, all of these users are in the mindset of doing business, gathering information or getting connected with interesting people.

I strongly recommend you to create a LinkedIn account if you do not have one. Once you have created a LinkedIn profile, and have completed your profile with recent information, it is strongly recommended to:

  • Search for groups that discuss cyber security topics
  • Search for groups that share cyber security jobs
  • Start networking with people by joining conversations, and if it possible, meet them offline

Get in touch with cyber security recruiters

Cyber Security Recruiter

To land the perfect job in the cyber security field, it is strongly recommended to get in touch with cyber security recruiters. Good recruiters don’t see you as a number, but they see you as a person which they can do business with. It is simple. If the recruiter can land you a job, he will get a cut from his employer and so on. So if you get in touch with a couple of good recruiters that are willing to push hard for you, the chance is there that you will be able to create a healthy business relationship with the cyber security recruiter. Each time if you need a new project or job, you will contact the recruiter, which will allow him/her to generate business for the company. It really is a win – win situation.

Blog, research and more

Another great way that will land you valuable cyber security jobs is by showing your skills and knowledge in the form of a blog, research or guide. Once you apply for a job, you can use the site as a portfolio to showcase your skills and knowledge within seconds.

Have a clear C.V

It is important to create a C.V. that will blow away the reader. The C.V. should point out your strong points, your experience, your skills and your basic personal information.

Know how to get yourself invited for a cyber security job application

Now that you have a fresh C.V. it is important to use a strong mail that will get you invited for the job you applied for.

Take a look at the template below, it is very direct and it asks the reader to respond within a certain time:

Dear R. Cyberwarzone,

I saw your ‘Threat Intelligence Analyst’ job application on the official website and it immediately sparked my interest, I looked at the requirements of the job application and I strongly believe that I am the perfect candidate to fulfill the role of ‘Threat Intelligence Analyst’ at ‘’.

The ‘Threat Intelligence Analyst’ position is perfect for me. In this position I will be able to further develop my skillsets while keeping valuable assets secure and up to date with the latest threat intelligence.

Attached you can find my C.V., if you think that there is a better position for me to fulfill in the company, then do not hesitate to inform me about those positions.

Looking forward to your response.

Yours truly,
Jon Snow

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