Cyber security is just like your hair

Security is a daily challenge, just like our hair. It can be your beard or your hair style, you pay good attention to it. Even if it is not daily, you do make sure that it is clean and “neat”. This same habit should be implemented in dealing with security issues.

The environment in which you operate in is vulnerable to internal and outside threats. That is not an problem because it is possible that you have taken security solutions in your environment to add security layers, but did you know that hackers often only focus on the weakest link in an environment?

The weakest link

The human has been always been the weakest factor when it comes to security. It is often the lack of awareness which allows cybercriminals to take advantage of environments. But hold on for a minute. Would you allow anyone to touch your hair? NO. You keep it “neat” and you make sure that it is clean, you do not want a random person to touch your hair. Now that goes the same for your environment.

Stay vigilant.

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