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Cyber Security Internship Letter Generator

I have helped a lot of students with their cyber security internship letters, and I thought it would be a good idea to create a cyber security internship letter generator to help kickstart people into the cyber security industry. Multiple templates are used, so try it out until you get one that fits your needs.

When applying for an internship, employers may ask for a cover letter along with your resume, references, and other necessary documents. A cover letter is one of the best ways to communicate why you are the best candidate for an internship, allowing you to demonstrate your passion, key skills and experience.

Importance of cyber security internships

Getting experience in the cyber security industry is very important. As you have noticed, cyber security companies are keen to hire new employees. The hiring process often includes multiple stages, including interview, technical questions and in some cases, assignments will be included to verify the skills of the candidates.

You can expect an similar experience when you apply for your cyber security internship, of course, the expected knowledge and skills will not be the same as for someone that is applying for a job.

  • Read into the company profile and understand what they do
  • Don’t use keywords of tools / techniques which you cannot explain
  • Ask about the future plans of the company
  • Ask about potential internship positions (maybe they have more)
  • Dress to the company dress code
    • if you are going for consultancy, make sure to wear a suit/nice shirt

Before you approach companies, it is wise to think for yourself what your ultimate goal is. What kind of job do you want in the future and what experiences do you need to gain for that? Before applying for a job, always make sure that you know enough about the position and the company. Think of organizational objectives, the structure, the culture, the size of the company, the activities and the requirements.

Great opportunities

A cyber security internship offers a great opportunity to become acquainted with the practical field to which the scientific theory and research of your study program relates. You will have the opportunity to apply insights and skills in professional practice. The experience you gain during your internship is often of great value for the rest of your studies and your future career.

Students who have completed an internship have gained a better idea of what they can do (with their education) and which activities give them energy. As a result, they apply for jobs in a more targeted manner and are able to present themselves with more self-confidence.

Benefits of a cyber security internship

  • You get to know a lot of people. This allows you to quickly build a large professional network consisting of cyber security colleagues and customers.
  • You learn to orientate yourself on the labor market and gain experience with applying for a job.
    • Although there can be major differences between the recruitment and selection policies of various organizations, you will always learn something from them.
  • You learn to put theoretical knowledge into practice and discover whether the work suits you at all.
  • You get used to the work rhythm.
  • You gain relevant work experience for your CV and get the chance to specialize.
  • You discover what your strengths and points for improvement are and you immediately find out what type of company suits you.
  • With a successful internship, there is a chance that you can continue to work at the company after your internship.
    • The company knows you and knows what to expect from you.

It is not only your technical skills that matter

It is often suggested that an internship letter needs to show the technical side of the candidate, and often, the personal side of the candidate is forgotten. I strongly recommend that you add in your internship letter something about yourself. Highlight your hobbies and the items you like to spend your free time on. This will help the company to have a good view if you could be a match in the team.

Technical skills

When writing your internship letter, it is wise to describe the issues you want to solve and the challenges you have already solved in the past.

System administrator – I was administrating the active directory and during my work/study I solved the following technical challenges: [challenge1], [challenge2]. Good
System administrator – I handled the AD. Example of an wrong explanation in the internship letterWrong
Examples on what to do and not do in your Cyber Security Internship letter

Highlight the things you have learned at school/study

I have experience with WiresharkWrong
During my study I have solved the following assignments with Wireshark: [Assignment 1, etc.]Good

How to create your own cyber security internship letter

Example letter created by the generator
Example letter created by the generator

Time needed: 15 minutes.

I think on average, you would need 15 minutes to have your perfect cyber security internship letter. Most of the time will be spent on customizing the internship letter in such a way that it will perfectly fit your profile.

  1. Provide your name

    You will need to provide your details in the cyber security internship letter generator.

  2. Hit “Generate”

    Once you have hit “generate”, you will get back an internship letter with your details. You can repeat the process until you find one which matches your needs.

  3. Copy and paste

    Copy your newly created cyber security internship letter and paste it into your document editor.

  4. Add the personal part

    It is important to describe who you are and what you like. Edit the internship letter in such a way that it will show these items.

  5. Clean-up

    Check grammar, spelling, punctuation and correct numbers before sending your letter. A clean letter can show employers your attention to detail, which is important for cybersecurity companies.

  6. Review your internship letter

    Always review your internship letter. Check for mistakes. Once you are confident, prepare to send it out to the cyber security company you would like to do your internship at.

Quick view on how to use the Cyber security Internship generator tool
Quick view on how to use the Cyber security Internship generator tool

Internship letter FAQ

Do you store the details?

No, Cyberwarzone is not interested in the details provided in this form. I just want to make sure that you can utilize the internship letter so that you will have a better chance at being successful.

Can anyone use these internship letters?

Yes, the information is provided as is, and it can be used by anyone for free. I don’t charge money for it.

Do I need to customize the letter?

Yes, it is highly recommended to add your personal skills to the internship letter. This cannot be provided by the generator.

Your introduction

There is a lot of flexibility in the introduction. It should include something unique about yourself, such as: major, degree, internship, internship, research, project, or military service. You can discuss potential connections such as individuals in the same department, similar backgrounds, and alumni.

Is there more than 1 template?

Yes, the generator is allowed to use a wide selection of internship templates, every time you hit generate, a new one will be shown to you.

How should I send a cover letter?

Attach your cover letter to the email. If an employer asks you to attach your internship cover letter, you can select the file from your computer and attach it to your email. Make sure to put your name in the filename of the cover letter. (example; sarah_walker_internship.pdf)

Why is it important to send an internship letter?

Your internship cover letter allows you to summarize your best qualities, skills and experience to show employers that you have the knowledge needed to excel in the position.

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