Cyber Gang Steals $1Billion From Banks: Kaspersky

Cyber criminals have hacked into the computer systems of Banks and credit institutions and collected information and transferred hundreds millions of dollars ,reported the Russian IT security firm Kaspersky Lab on Sunday.

The online bank robbery was discovered by Interpol, Europol and authorities of different countries. Up to 100 banks, payment services and other institutions in some 30 countries were attacked and robbed even in Germany.

The cyber gang called “Carbanak” had targeted on banks employment computers and infected them with malicious program, Kaspersky explained. As a result, they were able to tap into the internal network video surveillance computers ,then they could have seen everything happening on the screens of the person who was responsible for the money transfer systems , “So they knew every single detail about the work of the staff and were able to mimic the activities of employees to transfer money or pay cash,” said Kaspersky.

The largest sums had been captured by the hacking of banks up to ten million dollars per attack.

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