Cyber Av3ngers Claim Israeli MEKOROT National Water Company Hack

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The Cyber Av3ngers hacktivist group has claimed to have breached the MEKOROT national water company in Israel. The last couple of weeks the Cyber Av3ngers has been boosting about their attacks on Israel in their Telegram channel. In their latest attack on MEKOROT, they claim to have gotten access to CCTV.

Cyber Av3ngers boosting that they got access to the MEKOROT CCTV
Cyber Av3ngers boosting that they got access to the MEKOROT CCTV

This cyberattack comes in the wake of the recent and escalating tensions between Gaza and Israel, raising questions about the potential implications for both national security and infrastructure.

The MEKOROT Water Company

MEKOROT is not just any water company; it’s a critical component of Israel’s infrastructure. Established in 1937, the company is responsible for supplying water to both the public and agricultural sectors. Moreover, its operations are intricately linked with various other vital systems, including electricity and public health. Any form of disruption to MEKOROT’s operations could spell catastrophe on multiple fronts.

The Hacktivist Team: Who Are the Cyber Av3ngers?

The Cyber Av3ngers are a hacktivist collective that have claimed responsibility for various cyber operations against entities they deem unethical or oppressive.

A Fluid Situation with Lasting Consequences

The breach of MEKOROT by Cyber Av3ngers is more than just another cyberattack; it’s a jarring indication of how cyber warfare is increasingly intersecting with geopolitical conflicts. As the situation continues to unfold, one thing is clear: the stakes in cybersecurity have never been higher.

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