Cyber Attacks on Ukraine Elections Servers came from Russia

Ukrainian security services have discoverd large amount of DDoS attacks (200,000 pps) on Ukraine elections website and CEC servers on the voting day on May- 25 -2014.

According security official powerfull DDoS Attacks continusly carried out on the CEC server, but without success. Analysis of the information shows that the over whelming number of cyber attacks was generated from the territory of the Russian Federation with the use of botnets.

“With a view to the timely receipt and reliable lighting on the progress of the electoral process, together State Special Communication Service of Ukraine and with the assistance of leading Ukrainian IT companies introduced a new model of countering threats to the smooth operation of the information systems of the CEC. One element of this model is to provide a tenfold redundant communication links for information systems CEC, “- said in a statement Ukraine offical in Russian.