Cyber Attacks Disrupt Websites Ahead of NATO Summit in Vilnius

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A series of cyber attacks targeting websites related to transport and tourism in Vilnius, Lithuania, have raised concerns about potential disruptions ahead of the upcoming NATO summit.

Threat Group Targets Vilnius Websites

Reports indicate that a threat group, operating under the name “NoName” has launched cyber attacks against several websites associated with transport and tourism in Vilnius. These coordinated attacks suggest a possible intention to disrupt the upcoming NATO summit, potentially aligning with the interests of the Kremlin.

Transport and Tourism Services Affected

Websites such as the GoVilnius tourism promotion website and the journey planning platform have fallen victim to the cyber attacks.

GoVilnius tourism promotion website
GoVilnius tourism promotion website

The disruptions caused by the attacks emphasize the vulnerabilities in critical services and raise concerns about potential disruptions during the NATO summit.

DDoS Attack Confirmed on Capital’s Transport Services

Lithuania’s national cybersecurity center (NKSC) has officially confirmed a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on Vilnius’ transport services. As a result of the attack, the m.Ticket system, which assists with travel planning, was temporarily suspended.

Call for Vigilance and Collaborative Action

Liudas Ališauskas, the head of NKSC, has called on residents of Vilnius to remain vigilant, think critically, and report any suspicious activities during the NATO summit.

Recognizing the importance of joint action, Ališauskas emphasized that collaboration between institutions and the public is crucial in combating hybrid attacks, which involve cyber incidents combined with disinformation campaigns.

Pro-Russian Hacktivist Collective Claims Responsibility

In a separate incident, a hacktivist collective known as Anonymous Sudan, believed to have pro-Russian affiliations, has claimed responsibility for the temporary takedown of the popular social network Reddit. This development raises concerns about Russia’s evolving cyber capabilities and the utilization of hacktivist groups to further its agenda.

As the NATO summit in Vilnius approaches, cyber attacks targeting websites related to transport and tourism have created a cause for concern. The disruptions caused by these attacks highlight the need for heightened cybersecurity measures during important international events. Lithuania’s national cybersecurity center has called on residents to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activities, emphasizing the significance of collaborative efforts between institutions and the public.

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